Bettybelts sea glass rings and stacking rings

A full, magical circle– that’s what’s made when we send a Betty B. ring on an international journey around the world to a far away customer.

From balmy beaches to distant deserts, the sea glass, shells, pearls, and natural stones used in our jewelry travels to us from far corners of the Earth via our vast, beautiful family of beach combers and treasure hunters.

Many are then lovingly transformed into Betty B. ring designs, and sent back out into the world to become an ocean lover’s symbol of connection with every person and place that ring encountered.

No matter how far from our home in Ventura Beach, California, you can find a Betty B. ring of your very own online, circling you in with our Ocean Ohana around the world. To help you find the perfect fit, you’ve got this nifty chart below.

International Ring Sizing Chart