How important is education as a political agenda?

Here’s a letter Sarah Palin sent out to a friend of mine who is a registered republican (he plans to vote for Obama) asking for financial campaign donations.

Instead of the full date, which would be the traditional way, she has “Wendnesday Morning” on it. That’s right, WENdnesday (sic)!

I think most of us learned how to spell the days of the week when we were in second or third grade and never forgot after that. (sigh….)

I can’t believe that not only did her proofreader not catch this, but that she signed her name to it without noticing the error. Attention to detail on anything she will be signing is the least we can expect from any politician, let alone a potential vice president.

If you think this could be a fake, ask some of your republican friends (if you have any). I’m sure tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of copies of this letter went out.
I don’t know about you, but I’d expect a higher level of competence from a candidate.

Sarah Palin Not Smarter Than a Third Grader